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Tuesday April 24, 2018

Weather was great but the seas were bumpy for this late February fishing gig. Professional charter fishing Captain Richard fished with Neil Mizel and Rocky VanHoose to tangle with these rubber lipped critters. "We saw five or six cobia, hooked up and lost a nice one in the thirty pound range catching and releasing this short fish for a picture. "I think he's smiling", explained Neil.

Cobia fishing can be as exciting as fishing gets, when the water temperature rises after/or during the winter months expect fish to show up around Port Canaveral and charter fishing Captains to be pursuing them when the weather's fair and the sun is shining in East Central Florida.

Typically cobia show up in March at Port Canaveral and follow 68°-72° water temperatures northward on the eastern seaboard of the United States. Federal limits for cobia are two cobia per angler with state bag limits of one per angler.

Cobia Fishing Guide and Captain

As with many days we used chartreuse jigs and rubber eels, but cobia will often take anything you throw at them. It's more about presentation than the baits and lures thrown at one of these large ocean predators, they like to be teased into eating.

Looking for information about cobia fishing in at Port Canaveral Florida? Call (321) 868-4953 and Ask for Captain Richard or his fishing mate Gina. They'll be more than glad to talk to you in length about setting up a charter fishing trip at Port Canaveral for cobia and other saltwater fish species while you're visiting the area.

Captain Rocky fishes for cobia each year with Capt. Richard and has seen literally hundred of cobia over the few seasons off Port Canaveral while charter fishing nearshore. "We've seen cobia over wrecks and reef and hanging around mating sea turtles and we've also seen them free swimming in pairs and singles. They're always fun to look for and cast to", explains Rocky.

"Charter Captain Richard Bradley has never skunked us yet and I've been cobia fishing with him for years.  Several times he's raised dozens of fish on some secret structure and we caught and released cobia till our arms wore out."Captain Rocky VanHoose

Captain Richard Bradley

A Word from our Cobia Fishing Captain:

My favorite time of the year is the early spring when the cobia arrive at Port Canaveral. I've been fishing cobia since I was a kid with my father and it's such a consistent fishery in my home waters here near Cocoa Beach, Florida. Cobia are one of the most exciting angling opportunities in our area for nearshore and offshore anglers alike. Look for cobia to make a showing in the winter if the temperatures are warm or in the spring. You'll find them swimming near manta rays, turtles and bait pods or simply swimming in pods of fish as they migrate northward. Cobia readily accept live baits and artificials and can reach weights of over 50 pounds, we usually catch cobia on light spinning tackle and sometimes fly.

Tight lines,
Captain Richard Bradley

If you're looking to hire a Canaveral Fishing Charter Captain, look no further. Our Lagooner Fishing Guide, Captain Richard Bradley has a lifetime of experience taking anglers out of Port Canaveral on fishing excursions for cobia.

Call the Canaveral Charter Fishing Captain at (321) 868-4953 or simply fill out the form on this page and a Professional Fishing Guide will call you promptly.

Cobia are hard fighting, heavy fish that never seem to give up the battle even after they're boated. Average size of this fish seems to be over 25 lbs with 35-40 lbs not uncommon. Brown to black colored with no teeth, short spikes on their backs and plenty of "BIG FISH" attitude. Cobia are often mistaken by anglers for sharks and can be seen freely swimming near the surface near flotsam or structure. For the most part cobia are dark brown but can have some color fluctuation due to genetics or habitat.

Both INSHORE and NEARSHORE inhabiting inlets, bays, and among mangroves; frequently seen around buoys, pilings, and wrecks. During the spring and fall migrations they can often be seen free swimming along the coastline.

We often find cobia swimming near the surface near floating sargassum seaweed or flotsam. Prior to the 1980's cobia would frequent navigation aids but this has become less of a habit due to angling pressure.

One of the preferred ways to catch cobia consistently is to simply bottom fish near wrecks and structure. Cobia respond well to live bait and find comfort and food source near large bottom structure.

As a note you should always look around large marinelife for swimming cobia. Large sharks, manta rays, whales and turtles can often hold cobia that relate to them as traveling companions or hitchhikers.


spawns in spring and early summer; feeds on crabs, squid, and small fish. Target this fish in early spring or late winter (feb-april). Cobia are often seasonal so make your reservations during this time of year.

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Port Canaveral Cobia
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Cobia Fishing


Minimum size 33" to fork 1 per harvester or 6 per vessel per day, whichever is less.

State Record

103 lbs., 12 ozs.

Cobia Fishing at it's Finest

Reviewed by Captain Richard Bradley on Last modified: November 29 2016 20:35:19.

Published by: Captain of Lagooner Fishing Guides©

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April - 2018 Fishing Forecast

April of 2018 should be a great spring for fishing in both inshore and offshore coastal waters of Central Florida. Look to the Mosquito Lagoon and Banana Rivers to produce redfish and sea trout consistently and then look toward the ocean and depending on the water temps, clear skies and wind the cobia will be on their way north and migrating past Canaveral towards their northern grounds on the mid-Atlantic seaboard. Central Florida's weather during the spring is usually no less than spectacular as the college spring breakers are winding up the end of their vacation and heading back to campus to finish up before summer break. Daytona Beach host several spring events from NASCAR Races, Bike Week and Spring Break activities while Cocoa Beach and it's Space Coast offer a much less crowded alternative for vacationers to seek a more secluded and restful Holiday. The temperatures are rising and the fishing should be heating up too in East Central Florida's Cocoa Beach.

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