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Tuesday July 25, 2017

July is for Kings

I love taking kids out fishing!  Watching a kid experience the ocean and the thrill of catching his first big fish is an extraordinary event.  Many of us remember growing up and going fishing, camping canoeing and other outdoor adventures, but there's always that big one that got away, the giant fish that dad caught those cool animals like dolphins, turtles, and sharks.
Our Wonder Years at home with mom and dad are a special time and the parents that spend those opportunities with their kids often don't realize the memories they're making that their children will take with them for a lifetime.

This young angler spent a day with his dad and big brother mostly watching them reel in fish, but having a blast in the Florida Sunshine.

Posted on Tuesday July 18, 2017

A Smorgasborg of Offshore Fishing

Coming off an early summer vacation from surfing in Mexico Captain Richard quickly took to the ocean to see what was biting off Canaveral with his first charter fishing trips. It was a mixed bag of Mahi Mahi, Cobia, King Mackerel and large Sharks on the first day. I felt fortunate that I came back to find some great fishing and enjoy some beautiful summer days on the Florida Coastline. I traveled to the first reefs about ten miles offshore and almost immediately got hookups and to my surprise found some small feisty dorado to start the day off.

Cobia made showing earlier in the summer when an upwelling event happened in June.  Some anglers reported seeing good amounts of free swimming cobia on the reefs and following traveling manta rays.  Cobia like to swim on the surface when the water temperature is lower during these summer upwellings and if anglers keep alert, they can score big time during these infrequent occurrences.
Barracuda are always a favorite when they launch onto the bait and make a splash with high arching jumps that dazzle.  Everyone likes to look at the teeth on these ocean predators, but there are very few accounts of Barracuda attacks in the world.

I'm always impressed with God's canvas when we get a Dorado or Mahi Mahi on the line.  They light up the ocean with florescent colors and change rapidly when excited.

Posted on Tuesday July 18, 2017

Nearshore Fishing in the Summer

After arriving back from a month of Surfing in Mexico,  Captain Richard picked up on his Fishing Charters where he left off in the Mosquito Lagoon and quickly transitioned to the ocean when the winds and rain subsided.  "Calm summer days draws me to the beach to catch king mackerel, jack crevelle, bonitas and other awesome gamefish.   I love the summers in Cocoa Beach, they're hot, calm and the fish are usually chewing",  explains Captain Richard

One of the most consistent species on the Space Coast is the king mackerel or "kingfish".  Kings are hard striking fish and known for long, strong, fast runs.  A large kingfish can smoke the drags on cheaper reels and are nicknamed "Smokers" to the locals.  There's a debate about whether these fish are named for the smoker cooker or reputed for smoking reels, but does it really matter? They're fun and fast action and anglers love to catch and take to the table.

"I love the summers in Cocoa Beach, they're hot, calm and the fish are usually chewing...  -Captain Richard" 

One of the favorites in the ocean is the hard fighting bonita in the tuna family.  Most don't consider bonita a table fare fish, but the bonita offers anglers a hard fight and a great photo opportunity.  

Posted on Tuesday July 18, 2017

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