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Sunday June 24, 2018

During April, May and June the dolphin or mahi-mahi make their way north traveling along the gulf stream and weed lines at Port Canaveral Florida. One of the best ways to pursue these gamefish is to troll ballyhoo or live baits behind your boat.

"It was exciting watching these fish launch on the baits and jump when they got hooked up!" explained the anglers above. "We caught several dolphin and I still can't believe the colors they put out when hooked up. Green, blue yellow and even a hint of pink light up as are ripping up the water behind the boat it's an awesome site."

"On the way back from trolling for dolphin Captain Richard stopped for a couple of cobia free swimming and showed us how to hookup with light tackle on really giant fish. I landed a 53 pound cobia on 12 pound test! How is THAT for fun?" explained one angler.

"Because of the confusion of calling these fish the same name as flipper, the Atlantic Bottle nosed dolphin, we now try and call them mahi-mahi or the Spanish name Dorado. The unknowing anglers often get offended that we are pursuing marine mammals and get squeamish. Make no mistake about it, these dolphin are fish and they are great eating too." Explains Captain Richard Bradley, we don't eat or pursue any marine mammals excepting mermaids.

"When we visited Port Canaveral, Florida we trolled for Mahi Mahi and had a blast watching them explode on the baits! What a great fish to catch and good eating too."
Jason from Pennsylvania

Targeting dolphin out of Port Canaveral is best done during the spring and early summer from April till mid-June when the lion's share of the fish are heading northward along the eastern seaboard. After the initial run during the spring the fish thin out and the summer doldrums kick in. However there is still fantastic fishing for many other fishing in the central Florida coastline during the mid-summer months. Dorado or Dolphin will reappear again in the fall around November as they head back south, but typically not in the great numbers as in the springtime.

Targeting dolphin during these premium months ensure the best chances of catching the mahi mahi run up and down our coastline. Remember that these fish are typically found very far from shore and can be as far out as thirty miles and even further out for larger boats. If you are looking to go further out than 30 miles you might consider hiring a larger boat equipped for longer trips as Lagooner is not equipped to handle situations that arise further than that distance safely. Beware of Charter Captains that promise dolphin trips in excess of 30 miles that do not have a vessel capable of safely bringing you home in sudden adverse conditions. Safety should always be the first concern of passengers and anglers and many wanna-be Charter Fishing Skippers will take you beyond their safe limits. We will NEVER compromise safety for catching a fish and will never fish beyond our abilities to do so safely.

Mahi-mahi are one of the best tasting and most sought after gamefish in the world. When hooked they "light up" with bright blue green and yellow colors that are the envy of any other species.

Lagooner Charter Fishing Captains and Guides have developed time tested methods of trolling, sightfishing and live-baiting tactics to target these fast and agressive fish species. We generally target these fish in the months of May - June and then again in November and December. Remember that the fall is a tough month for recreational offshore fishing because of the winds and rough water, but the rewards for catching dolphin are tremdous for those fortunate enough to get a good day for offshore fishing for dorado off the coast of Central Florida.

OFFSHORE in warm waters in or near the gulf stream. Dolphin are migratory peligic fish that are found in every ocean in the world. They like to hang around floatsome and debre and are often found cruising large weedlines of sargasso seaweed or rip currents.

Months to pursue Dolphin
April - Big Fish Month
May - Loads of Mahi-Mahi
June - Smaller School Dolphin
November - Southward Migration


One of the fastest-growing fish, thought to live no more than five years. A dorado is capable of a swimming speed of over 50 miles an hour. Dolphin spawn in warm ocean currents throughout much of the year where their young are found in sargassum weed and they feed on flying fish and squid.

Trolling is the most traditional way of catching dolphin, but we've found that sight fishing has been producing very well the last few years and gives anglers something to do rather than sit and wait for the bite.


20" minimum to fork of tail, 10 fish per angler and not to exceed 60 per vessel possession limit.

State Record

77 lbs, 12 ozs.

Port Canaveral Trips for Dolphin, Mahi Mahi, Dorado

Reviewed by Captain Richard Bradley on Last modified: November 29 2016 20:34:42.

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June - 2018 Fishing Forecast

June of 2018 is looking to be a hot summer with hot fishing off of East Central Florida near Cocoa Beach. Orlando visitors should anticipate the warm weather and great fishing that coastal and offshore fishing provides in the warm Atlantic Ocean this time of year. Last year in 2017 we saw many tarpon exceeding 100 pounds caught off the Brevard County beaches along with a good amount of sharks, king mackerel and really big Jack Crevelle that kept things interesting. Looking forward to this year's forecast on the Space Coast remember that the coastal waters along the Atlantic seaboard and Ocean will probably be the most productive fishing during the month of June and as we look in to August the ocean will look to be the most inviting destination for anglers in the heat of the Central Florida Summer.

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Inshore and Offshore Charter Fishing near Orlando and Cocoa Beach, Florida. Catch redfish, sea trout, tarpon, snook and many other saltwater gamefish aboard the world famous Lagooner flats fishing boat with renowned Captain Richard Bradley.

A very knowledgeable guide and knows the area waters well. We were on big reds and trout within minutes of the leaving the dock and ventured about the lagoon to catch different species. The scenery in the Lagoon is remarkable! Richard’s boat was well equipped with good equipment, he was well prepared to adapt to the different types of fishing through out the day. My primary focus was sight fishing for big reds on fly - the flies that Capt. Richard provided were right on! Booking the charter was a breeze, his wife Capt. Gina was very accommodating to work me in (thank you Capt. Gina). Capt. Richard seemed to know who was hungry at the right times – and we had some impressive catches! Well done Capt. Richard, and thanks for a great day on the water!
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