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Tuesday April 24, 2018

Florida's Port Canaveral in the East Central part of the state produces some of the best and most consistent mackerel fishing in world. North America's East Coast and Gulf of Mexico coastal areas have many hot spots for anglers to hookup with blistering reel spooling King Mackerel and fun ultra light tackle Spanish Mackerel. During the summer Lagooner Fishing Guides often take their customers along the beaches for a day of near-shore fishing for large Mackerel and if the oceans really smooth we'll take you out to the cobalt blue waters and to the reefs and wrecks within miles of the shoreline for an opportunity to get in a Mackerel "fire fight" as it's often called where the fish are "eating the bottom of the boat out" while anglers fight smoker sized King Mackerel with multiple hookups.

"Within seconds of slowing the boat down Captain Richard turned the boat in a circle and tossed over the first bait for an instantaneous hookup! We never got more than two lines at a time out for the next hour as the fish literally boiled behind the boat. The Mackerel jumped on our live baits as fast as we could get them in the water with what charter Captains call skyrocketing the baits. You'll never forget a day of fishing for these fantastic fish!" explains and excited Angler after a day of summertime calm water fishing near Port Canaveral.

Mackerel are a species of fish off Port Canaveral that you can find on the west side of the gulf-stream before the continental slope. They hang around wrecks, reefs and ridges both natural and man made. During the calm summer months when bait-fish pods form along the shoreline, mackerel will venture close to shore to spawn and feed. It's a great time for kids and families alike to take a day of fishing and avoid going too far offshore.

Port Canaveral Mackerel Fishing Captain

One of Port Canaveral's premier Mackerel Captains, Richard Bradley has earned his reputation by putting his anglers consistently on big smoker sized mackerels while exposing his knowledge and skills as an expert Charter Captain and Fishing Guide. You can expect Captain Richard to share a wealth of information and allow you (the angler) to bait hooks and deploy a spreads while your guide watches carefully with an expert eye and attention to detail. Captain Richard is a full-time Coast Guard Merchant Marine Captain that has the time in the water to make your day a successful and fun event.

"We learned how to gather bait with a cast net, although I don't think I could cast one as large as our guide's net, then we gathered and kept our bait in large livewells for later use. Captain Richard used the pogies we caught to chum the fish close enough to make cast and hook up. After a day of fishing and catching several mackerel and a cobia we took some of our catch back to the dock where our guide cleaned and fillet them in preparation for lunch at a local restaurant." Explained one angler after a morning of fishing...

Flavory Fish

Preheat Oven to 425°

1 Cup Mayonnaise
2 Tbsp of Tarragon
1/2 Clove of minced garlic
1/4 Cup of fresh Parmesan cheese

Mix all the ingredients together and slather on fish fillets liberally (if you need to make some more just double the recipe). Put in casserole dish and top with Pepperage Farm Bread Crumbs (approximately 1/2 inch). Pop in oven for 25 minutes or until the fish is flakey and serve.

When you come to Port Canaveral, you will find a friendly fishing port with several restaurants and shops. The boat ramps and marinas are easily located and often provide everything from refreshments to food for your fishing charter.

Call the Canaveral Charter Fishing Captain at (321) 868-4953 or simply fill out the form on this page and a Professional Fishing Guide will call you promptly.

Kingfish are colored iridescent bluish green on their backs with silvery sides a streamlined body and tapered heads. There is no black color on front of dorsal fins and lateral line starts high and drops sharply below the second dorsal fin. Young kingfish often have yellow spots like those of the Spanish mackerel.

East Central Florida host some of the best King Mackerel fishing in the United States. Lagooner Fishing Guides prides itself in our kingfish charter fishing tactics with live bait in the summer and fall months. One of the most enjoyable angling opportunities in Florida, the king mackerel has a prestigious and renowned tournament circuit targeting this species. The SKF or Southern Kingfish Association holds at least one tournament in the Canaveral area because of the consistency of the fishery.

Kings are found NEARSHORE and OFFSHORE and occasionally taken from piers running into deeper water. During the summer months off Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach you can often find large (smoker) kingfish within a mile of the beach and just beyond the breakers. Most of the time kingfish can be caught along the ridges and wrecks offshore of Florida's East Coast.


Kings are schooling fish that migrate fom south Florida waters in winter to more northerly waters in spring. Gulf population thought to be separate from Atlantic population, with considerable mixing in winter from Cape Canaveral past Key West. Kingfish spawns in midsummer OFFSHORE and feeds on small fish and squid.

Daytona King Mackerel Fishing
Canaveral Kingfish Charters
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24" to fork in tail minimum size limit, limit of two per angler per day.

State Record

90 lbs.

Kingfish Charters From Port Canaveral

Reviewed by Captain Richard Bradley on Last modified: November 29 2016 20:34:49.

Published by: Captain of Lagooner Fishing Guides©

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April - 2018 Fishing Report

Fishing Forecast

April - 2018 Fishing Forecast

April of 2018 should be a great spring for fishing in both inshore and offshore coastal waters of Central Florida. Look to the Mosquito Lagoon and Banana Rivers to produce redfish and sea trout consistently and then look toward the ocean and depending on the water temps, clear skies and wind the cobia will be on their way north and migrating past Canaveral towards their northern grounds on the mid-Atlantic seaboard. Central Florida's weather during the spring is usually no less than spectacular as the college spring breakers are winding up the end of their vacation and heading back to campus to finish up before summer break. Daytona Beach host several spring events from NASCAR Races, Bike Week and Spring Break activities while Cocoa Beach and it's Space Coast offer a much less crowded alternative for vacationers to seek a more secluded and restful Holiday. The temperatures are rising and the fishing should be heating up too in East Central Florida's Cocoa Beach.

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Inshore and Offshore Charter Fishing near Orlando and Cocoa Beach, Florida. Catch redfish, sea trout, tarpon, snook and many other saltwater gamefish aboard the world famous Lagooner flats fishing boat with renowned Captain Richard Bradley.

Excellent experience with Captain Richard! He made it fun for the whole family even though my wife had a bit of the demon. She still had a blast and Capt. Richard put us right on the fish even when the other fishing charters were struggling to catch fish.
about Lagooner Fishing Charters on August 28, 2013

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